Orden Mundial: El Nuevo Sonido Balear 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Tour EP released in time for the ORDEN MUNDIAL November 2015 USA/Canada mini tour. Three new songs following ORDEN MUNDIAL'S template of high energy hardcore with insanely huge punk riffs, a massive rhythm section and angry, to the point vocals. Two hardcore bangers on the A side and a massive stomper on the flip which proves yet again that there is much more in the Balearic Islands than Ibiza and soft techno.

Our take: 3rd record from this Spanish band and they continue to refine their sound. I'm not sure if I hadn't noticed this before or if it's something new, but Orden Mundial have definitely developed a unique approach here. The foundation of their music is fast and complex hardcore that sounds like a lot of stuff that was coming out of early to mid-80s Europe... anything from Riistetyt to Impact to BGK might be a reasonable comparison. However, Orden Mundial have a much thinner, noisier guitar sound than any of those bands. It's kind of amazing that they can have this super raw, Confuse-style guitar sound while still getting across the precision of these lightning-fast riffs. Altogether it reminds me of a faster, more hardcore version of the later-era Wretched stuff (like the La Tua Morte Non Aspetta LP), and if you dig that old Euro hardcore sound that seemed to borrow as much from USHC bands as it did from Discharge you should keep an eye on this band.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk raw recommended spain yoobl