Orden Mundial: Obediencia Debida 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Second LP from this band out of Mallorca, Spain, and it's a big improvement over their first in my opinion. The label description references noisy hardcore greats like Wretched and United Mutation, and I'm inclined to agree. To me, it has the wildness and rawness (particularly in the guitar tone) of Wretched, but some songs sound like they've been filtered through the lens of 80s USHC... as someone who came up worshipping old USHC and only later latched on to the rawer, more Discharge-influenced stuff this is quite a pleasing sound. Really, though, this is a tough one to pigeonhole as it isn't one of those records where every song sounds the same... you know that Paco at LVEUM only releases top-notch hardcore, and this fits the bill.

Tags: 10s d-beat europe hardcore noisy raw spain