Ooze: S/T 7"

Not Normal Records


I'm not sure of the precise ins and outs of the situation, but I'm pretty sure that Ooze are comprised of some of the same people behind Big Zit, and with their 7"s both being released at the same time on the same label and having a similar aesthetic, it's easy to mention the two bands in the same breath. Musically, they're quite similar, plying a catchy and explosive blend of hardcore and 80s skate rock... I'm reminded a lot of the Big Boys' most hardcore moments (i.e. songs like "Brick Wall" and "Assault"). Ooze's vocalist isn't quite as charismatic and instantly memorable as Big Zit's, but honestly I think that the music is just a little bit stronger on the Ooze 7" than it is on the Big Zit 7"... this thing is definitely chock full of fist-pumpers. Needless to say, if you're picking up the Big Zit 7" you should probably grab this one too... you may prefer one or the other, but you'll definitely keep listening to both.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest punk recommended