Odd Man Out: S/T 7"

Warthog Speak Records

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Vinyl version of Olympia/Seattle straightedge band's cassette demo from earlier this year. Six tracks of pit-clearing, straightedge HARDcore with a conscience.

Our take: Vinyl version of the demo released by this Washington state straight edge band. This band has been getting a lot of attention, and with good reason... this is really powerful stuff. They remind me quite a bit of No Tolerance in that they have a heavier, meaner take on the youth crew sound. The roots of that sound, I'd argue, are probably in a combination of Judge and Youth of Today, and specifically in a generation of Cleveland bands like Confront and (early) Integrity that pioneered this heavier, meaner take on the straight edge sound. Interestingly, though, rather than a tough guy image, Odd Man Out openly declares on their insert that they "admire and embrace all spectrums of love, sexuality, and identity." It's a refreshing (and, unfortunately, probably necessary) statement from a straight edge band, and it's kind of interesting that their visual aesthetic is very much in the posi- React! Records / Mindset kind of vein while their sound is so heavy and mean. It's a winning combination, and it's a sure bet that if you're intrigued by the above description you'll like this quite a lot.
Tags: 10s 65804 hardcore sxe ushc yoobl youth crew