Obstruction: demo cassette

Punk Alive


Demo cassette from this killer hardcore punk band out of Texas.

Our take: Crushing demo from this new Texas band. After an intro that kind of reminds me of Menthol in its bouncy, rocked-out-ness, Obstruction settle into some of the catchiest and most explosive Swedish-style hardcore I’ve heard in a while. They remind me of Anti-Cimex’s 12” EP or Totalitär’s Sin Egen Motståndare in its tempo, super fast but still maintaining that fist-pumping groove. The production is solid and the playing is killer across the board, but what’s really noteworthy here is the energy level… it’s a total firecracker. If you like faster takes on the Totalitär style like Blackball or Torsö you’ll flip for this. Killer packaging too.
Tags: 10s 10s Metal recommended texas ushc