Oblivionation: Language of Violence 12"

ACME Records


Man, I can't think of a hardcore record that has gotten me this revved up in quite some time. I don't know what it is about this band, but they just sound absolutely explosive on record. Even better, though, I feel like they're never dumbing it down or pandering... every song is full of all of these intricate little parts and changes, but the music never feels overwrought... it's just perfectly-conceived, perfectly-executed hardcore punk. Of course everyone knows that Oblivionation features John Evicci from Out Cold on drums, but for my ears in the year 2014 I'd rather listen to this LP than any of the Out Cold records, as great as all of them are. If your idea of hardcore is records like Kings of Punk and War All the Time, you need this record... highest possible recommendation!

Tags: 10s fast hardcore punk recommended