Oaf: S/T 7"

Deranged Records


Debut 7” from newish Vancouver hardcore band. Evil riffs, raw tone, driving beats and manic vocals. Expressing the stress anxiety and rage of living in an insane world. Stuck in a web of violence and oppression, on the bottom of a hierarchy where capital is the sole representation of power and influence. Seeing the game for what it is and understand that in a dying world you must CHEAT 2 SURVIVE.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this Vancouver band. We had one of their tapes a while back and I noted that it had kind of a Crazy Spirit vibe. Well, you can still hear that just a little bit here, but all in all Oaf are much tougher-sounding on this release, reminding more of Hoax than any other band. They definitely have that same capacity to just go for it with a huge mosh riff that Hoax has, and they also make use of that same kind of buzzing bee, Rat-pedal-with-all-knobs-on-10, super raw guitar sound. It's well produced, well played, and the songs have a real energy and sense of craft to them. Perhaps not reinventing the wheel, but this is super powerful stuff.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore recommended ushc yoobl