Oaf: Court With No Trial Cassette

Slow Death Records


Another ripping demo from a Vancouver band courtesy of Slow Death Records. Like their label-mates in Blockhead, Oaf seem to have more than a little bit in common with the contemporary New York punk scene; their super warm, slightly noisy production as well as their singer, who has this kind of snotty scream that reminds me of Crazy Spirit and Ivy both make this sound like a demo that could have come out on Toxic State. One of the things I like so much about the NYC scene is their commitment to constantly defying expectations and pushing themselves artistically, and fortunately Oaf pick up on that as well, integrating some more straightforward hardcore influence into the slimy punk mess in a way that definitely gives them a distinct and identifiable sound. If you're also grabbing the Blockhead demo on Slow Death I'd encourage you to pick this one up as well.

Tags: 10s Canada hardcore raw