NYC Headhunters: Demo Cassette



Demo cassette from this new NYC band featuring members of Vanity. Rather than Vanity's rock-infused oi! sound, NYC Headhunters seem like an homage to the tougher end of late 80s NYHC. There are the obvious nods to New Breed compilation bands like Raw Deal, Outburst, etc., but this is even tougher and mosh-ier, verging on an almost 90s NYHC vibe in places a la LP-era Madball, Sheer Terror, and the like. It's not quite into the area of like Crown of Thornz or VOD or something like that, but this definitely might be a little too straight up NYHC for those with more of an 80s USHC sensibility. Still, it's powerful stuff and if you get down with Sick Of It All, Hounds of Hate, and Madball this is a pretty killer demo.
Tags: 10s hardcore mosh new york nyc nyhc