Nurse: S/T 7"

Scavenger of Death Records


After over a year of plant setbacks and managerial ineptitude, Atlanta's best hardcore band finally has a slab of wax on the streets. 4 tracks of Atlanta hardcore that is bleaky AND catchy.

Our take: Straight FIRE from this Atlanta group on their vinyl debut (well, not counting an earlier, highly limited lathe cut). Nurse are very much on the post-S.H.I.T. tip of bands that seem equally influenced by crustier hardcore bands with big guitar sounds and the manic pogo beats coming out of NYC (and largely released on Toxic State), but this 7" is so perfectly realized that it really elevates it to the very top of the pack. The artwork is incredible, the playing is out of control, and the production is just absolutely perfect. If you're one of those people who hate on the raw production that most of the NYC bands rely on and wonder what that kind of thing would sound like with a fully-realized recording... well, this 7" will answer your question, and that answer is that it rules. You can distinctly hear what every instrument is adding to the equation, and when Nurse drop from one of their creepy, dual-guitar Rudimentary Peni / Part 1-esque moments into some full-on raging hardcore the results are liable to produce whiplash. You'd think that after writing about punk records for years and years I would have figured out whatever magic it is that separates the really good records from the just OK records, but I can't explain it... the best I can do is tell you about it when I find it, and it's here in spades. One of my favorite punk records of 2015 so far, hands down. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s atlanta bf16 hardcore punk raw recommended