Nuklear Blast Suntan: Prophetic Visions 12"

SPHC Records


So, somewhere along the line Nuklar Blast Suntan has gone from being really good to being great. I've checked out this band's previous records, even seen them live a few times back when they were based in Georgia (I think the whole band has since picked up and moved to Portland). However, I was completely unprepared for this record when I dropped the needle. Bear with me here, because this is not going to be an easy one to describe. I suppose that at their core a lot of these songs are built around the standard noise-punk template of fast drums, memorable bass lines, and noisy guitars, but within that formula NBS shift things slightly to get much more interesting results. Rather than the typical pogo beat the drums are a lot more interesting and varied. Rather than the bouncy, poppy bass lines that most bands in this style tend to go for (see Sad Boys, Wankys, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, etc.), the bass lines here are kind of dark and melodic, sort of like playing your favorite post-punk record on 45RPM instead of 33RPM. And the guitars, rather than just being a pure wash of noise, are very noisy but still playing discernible, interesting melodic lines. There's also a lot of variation between different kinds of noisy textures, so it's not just one consistent sound for the entire record. Now, that description could probably cover about 1/3 of this record, but the rest is... something else. Wild, progressive, and outside the box in just about every way possible, this really doesn't sound like anything I've heard before. The fast rhythms, occasionally flashy guitar playing, and overall progressive vibe make me want to reference Paintbox, but the overall vibe is so utterly different that I don't think that comparison does them justice either. Some of it is aggressively experimental, but it never feels self-consciously weird... it's just pushing hardcore to its furthest aesthetic limits. It's really heavy, but not metal, and kind of crusty but also not really at all. Basically, this LP is a unique and singular achievement, and doubtlessly there is not another record in your collection that sounds remotely like it. Some people won't like it because there are so few reference points, but if you like your music wild and adventurous this will absolutely blow you away. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s crust female-fronted hardcore noise-punk noisy portland recommended