Nuclear Spring: S/T 12"

Hysteria Records

$4.50 $9.00

Given that they're from New York, the gorgeous, hand-printed packaging on this 12", and some of the bills the band has played on, one could be forgiven for associating Nuclear Spring with the whole Toxic State crowd. However, they have a much more melodic and straightforward sound than most of the bands on that label... but then again, Nuclear Spring are hardly a sound-alike band. They remind me a lot of the dark beach punk of classic Agent Orange, but there's also a distinct UK82 / oi! vibe as well... particularly if by "oi!" you mean the more melodic songs by bands like Blitz and the Business. Super catchy riffs, powerful alternating man/lady vox, and a stunning packaging job... what's not to like? Hysteria Records

Tags: 10s 65804 melodic USA yoobl