Not for Everyone #2 zine

Sorry State Records


Full size fanzine interviews with GENEX from Canada (ex born bad), Bill Danforth (80's pro skateboarder/negative approach roadie) plus reviews and more.

Our take: Pretty much everything I look for in a hardcore punk zine right here. Very much in the vein of classic zines from Hardware to Counterfeit Garbage, Not for Everyone has a very distinctive writing voice, a shitload of strong opinions, and a raw and straightforward visual style. To me, the whole point of reading a zine is to get a sense of what hardcore punk looks like from someone else's perspective, so I really want a strong sense of who the author is and what their priorities and preferences are, and Not for Everyone definitely has that. The worst thing would be to read a zine and agree with every single one of the author's opinions, and that definitely isn't the case here. Not for Everyone very much focuses on what I consider to be my little corner of the hardcore punk world, but does it with an attitude and approach that's very different from mine. Essential reading, and here's hoping Sam keeps the issues coming.
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