Nocturnus: Thresholds 12"

Earache Records


Reissue of the landmark 1992 album from this progressive death metal band. I can only imagine what this must have sounded like in 1992... with all of the death metal bands getting more and more extreme, Nocturnus took a complete left turn and started integrating influences from progressive rock, in particular the wacky time signatures of King Crimson and the use of synths. The band graft that onto the standard death metal template, so they never sound wimpy like a prog rock band... instead it's pure brutality, but weird brutality. While keyboards in metal is not nearly the taboo that it once was, Thresholds is still a jarring album that sounds quite different to anything I've ever heard. Reissued and remastered by Earache Records to the label's usual top-notch quality standards.

Tags: 90s death metal metal prog reissues