No Parents; May the Thirst Be with You 12" (new)

Burger Records


NO PARENTS are like a John Hughes movie starring the Menendez brothers: a cute comedy loaded with violence and splattered adults. For the layman who reads about punk rock in fashion mags, they're the next FIDLAR — the new torchbearers of skate-punk. A Goofy analogies aside, No Parents are jokers with an 'Sos hard-core edge — when singer Zoe Reign gets naked and sings, "I'm gonna kill my dad/Fuck my mom" while doing a half-serious robot dance, he looks like Baby Huey meets Darby Crash. No Parents' debut album, May the Thirst Be With You, offers furiously funny, heavy U danceable pop-punk that's loaded with enough dick jokes to garner comparisons to early all the hippie-bashing and because No Parents are 40 Dickies-esque songwriting, Blink-182. Which is why they're LOL-ing their way to the main stage at festivals. Get used to ready for primetime.
Tags: 10s garage pop-punk