No Negative: The Good Never Comes 12"

Swollen City Records

$8.00 $16.00

Eight hard-hitting and expansive tracks of psychedelic death punk that recalls TSOL, Brainbombs, Sabbath, Flipper and Hawkwind. A truly unique album for how it splits the difference between punk hostility and more trippy vibes. Limited edition of 300 copies in screen-printed jackets with download.

Our take: Debut LP from this Canadian band who have the privilege of being one of the least hardcore-oriented bands to have a release on the mighty Not Normal Records. I was talking to Seth about this record, though, and we agreed that there is something decidedly hardcore about it. It seems like music made by hardcore kids who want to expand their palette and incorporate psychedelic influences like Hawkwind (whom they sound quite a lot like on occasion) and early Sabbath. There are a lot of bands I could compare this to... the most obvious one seems like Destruction Unit, but No Negative aren't nearly as jam-y as that band... their songs are a little less fluid, a little more structured, and wax in wane with a sharper sense of contrast. The combination of density and aggression also recalls bands like PC Worship, Spray Paint, and maybe even Whatever Brains on occasion. Whatever you compare it to, though, this is a brilliant and ambitious LP that, if you're into the bleeding edge of heavy post-garage, you definitely need to check out.
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