Nighters: Drop Down Dead 7"

New Rose Records


Along with Klaxon, Uniplux and Bloody Riot, these guys were carrying the torch of Punk Rock in Rome during mid 80s. These four songs, recorded in 1985 and self released the same year, show the more melodic side of Italian Punk, on one side influenced by the Clash and on the other by mid 80s Italian HardCore. This is a great EP and it´s a pity that it´s the band´s only testimony. The original nowadays sells for over 100 euros, if you are lucky to find one!

Our take: Another reissue of a super rare 80s Italian punk gem. Nighters, like Klaxon, are definitely on the more melodic, Clash / Newtown Neurotics-inspired end of the punk spectrum, combining the upbeat rhythms of punk with the kind of folkish songwriting that characterized those bands. Jeff notes that there's an early Leatherface vibe at work here as well, but I think the band that Nighters sound almost just like is the Beltones. Of course this was made like a decade before the Beltones started making records, but if you get that (admittedly dated) reference and you still dig out Cheap Trinkets every once in a while you'll definitely want to hear this. But yeah, the idea of gruff-voiced punk with vintage 80s production sounds like it would float your boat this is highly recommended.
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