Night Birds: Mutiny at Muscle Beach 12"

Fat Wreck Chords


Night Birds' third album and Fat Wreck Chords debut, Mutiny At Muscle Beach is an ADD-addled, surf-influenced, punk-rock adventure through frontman Brian Gorsegner & Co.'s experiences dealing with the rampant assholery they encounter in their day-to-day lives in suburban New Jersey and the surrounding areas. "I work in customer service, which is what fuels the majority of my hatred and my need for punk rock," the 31-year-old singer explains. "The people I deal with on a daily basis completely destroy any hope I had for humanity. But it's good; everybody needs fuel for their creativity."

Our take: I, like everyone else I'm sure, was wondering if moving to Fat Wreck would change Night Birds at all. The answer, I can confirm, is a resounding "no!" Mutiny at Muscle Beach sounds pretty much like the band's two preceding LPs; if anything, it's even a little bit faster and harder than the band have ever been before. Jeff insists that they still sound just like DI and I definitely hear that (how does a guy from New Jersey sing with such a California accent?), but they're a little bit looser and more organic than DI, particularly the ultra-tight DI found on my favorite of their records, Horse Bites, Dog Cries. Basically, Night Birds still know their strengths. They know that most hardcore bands nowadays are scared of big vocal hooks and most punk bands who aren't afraid of big vocal hooks sound wimpy as hell, so they consistently write songs that are the best of the both worlds, and at this point they have essentially no competition. Songwriting-wise I think this is probably a bit better than Born to Die in Suburbia, but basically if you want another Night Birds LP here it is, and if that's what you want you certainly won't be disappointed because this rips.
Tags: 10s hardcore melodic pop-punk punk recommended surf-punk yoobl