Night Prowler: Stalin's Boots Cassette

Kram Records


Latest cassette from this bruising hardcore / oi! band out of Vancouver, Canada.

Our take: Haven't heard from these Vancouver ragers in a while, but Stalin's Boots proves that they haven't lost any fire in the intervening years. The band name and the cover artwork on this one tell you pretty much everything you need to know... this is fast, tough skinhead hardcore along the lines of Boston Strangler, Violent Reaction, Combat Zone, etc., with a little bit of the jagged, frantic take on USHC best exemplified by the lion's share of the This Is Boston Not LA compilation. Great recording on this and the performance is totally explosive... if you dig this style of hardcore do yourself a favor and don't overlook this one.
Tags: 10s Canada hardcore oi! ushc yoobl