Night Birds: Monster Surf 7"

Wallride Records


Very limited 4-song EP by these soon-to-be-famous punks from New Jersey. Surf has been a big part of Night Birds' sound from the beginning so it's not completely out of left field that they would do a instrumental surf EP, but I think the big impetus that Brian, the singer, just became a dad and the band needed something to occupy them while he was busy with that. Of course surf is a genre that doesn't really tend to rely on vocal hooks, but the band do add in some horns and synths to keep things interesting. I don't see this becoming the definitive record in Night Birds' discography or anything, but it's an intriguing little release and like I said it's limited, so if you are or plan to be a Night Birds completist you probably want to grab this now.

Tags: 10s punk surf