Niégalo Todo: Absurdo Escepticismo Superficial cassette



Demo cassette from this band out of the far south of Mexico. It seems like they're a bit cut off from the currently flourishing scene in Mexico City, though, and as a result the raw and primitive vibes of this cassette remind me more of the punk that comes from isolated regions like Peru. That said, if you're into the recent spate of great raw punk bands out of Mexico and Spain... anything from Inservibles to Tercer Mundo to Glam to Una Bestia Incontrolable this is gonew punk 12"ing to be right up your alley. It sounds like if Hellhammer or Sarcofago were around today and trying to play slightly psychedelic hardcore punk instead of black metal. As you can probably see from the photo next to these words, the artwork on this one is absolutely top notch as well... unless I'm forgetting something this one is a no-brainer for "demo of the month," and would have made an extremely compelling vinyl release were the band inspired to go in that direction. I wouldn't be surprised if some enterprising record label heard this and thought it needed to be put to wax, though... it's that good. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore mexico noisy primitive recommended spanish language