Newtown Neurotics: When the Oil Runs Out 7"

No Wonder Records


if there was a vote for the best lyrical content in the 80s Punk songs, Steve Drewett of Newtown Neurotics would probably have blown everyone out of the water with his sharp to the point lyrics about the socio-political situation in the UK back during the Thatcherism. That aside, Newtown Neurotics were one of the best UK Punk bands of the second Punk wave. When The Oil Runs Out was their second 7” released in 1980. Here´s finally the repress identical to the original with the original covers from back in the day!

Our take: Great-looking reissue of the Neurotics' second single from 1980. "When the Oil Runs Out" is one of the band's more iconic songs, and it's easy to see why... it's a catchy, upbeat punk number that wouldn't have been out of place on a record by the Lurkers, the Members, or some other band of more Clash-influenced end of the class of '78. Early Neurotics is probably a love it or hate it thing... if you're turned out by their heart-on-sleeve lyrics, their rather un-subtle politicking or their broad melodies you'll probably hate all of their stuff, but if you're a sucker for a simple and catchy pop tune you'll love it. I'm in the latter camp and I eat this stuff up like candy.
Tags: 80s melodic punk reissues uk