Newtown Neurotics: Kick Out the Tories 7"

No Wonder Records


The third and arguably best known single for the UK Punk heroes from Harlow. Released back in 1981 and finally seeing the light of day again after over 30 years of being virtually impossible to find. Urgent, political, thoughtful Punk Rock that sprung during Thatcherism and is still as relevant today as ever!

Our take: I feel like my descriptions of these Neurotics records are getting kind of redundant. The band clearly knew what songs needed to go on the a-side of a single (well, except for "Living with Unemployment," which might be their best track even though it's on their first LP), and "Kick Out the Tories" is up there with "Hypocrite" and "When the Oil Runs Out" as one of their best tracks. The band still are what they are, and if you aren't down with this heart-on-sleeve, Clash-inspired vein of '77 punk this isn't going to make you a convert, but this sound is like a warm blanket on a chilly fall day.
Tags: 80s melodic punk reissues uk