Newtown Neurotics: Hypocrite 7"

No Wonder Records


Reissue of the Neurotics great 1st single from 1979, and like the recent Anti-Cimex reissues on Nada Nada Discos (this is a co-release between them and Feral Ward, BTW) this takes great care to reproduce the original layout and aesthetic while including a couple of cool little bonuses for the super fans. Honestly, I could take or leave the reggae-influenced b-side, but "Hypocrite" is just such a brilliant song that it elevates this to being a really strong, if not essential, early UK punk single. It's got the power and rawness of the Raw Records bands, but with that kind of naive optimism of the Undertones or the Nipple Erectors. I, for one, will definitely be grabbing a copy of this and adding it to the pile of '77 UK punk records that I always take out when I DJ.

Tags: '77 & KBD 70s melodic oi! recommended reissues uk uk82