Neutron Rats: Bomb Worship 7"

Loud Punk Records


2nd EP from this Albany, NY HC punk band. Loud, nasty, and blown out, this is definitely inspired by the Swedish d-beat greats, but there's a kind of Japanese sensibility art work in that the guitar sound is incredibly extreme and the vocals have that kind of barked Japanese crust sound a la Framtid. Something about the riffs, which are slightly metallic, remind me quite a bit of later (i.e. "Disbones" era) Disclose, which is always something I like to hear. Basically, if you like noisy Japanese d-beat a la Zyanose, D-Clone, Framtid, etc., you'll want to check this out... if this were from Japan people would probably be going nuts, but since it's from Albany no one will probably care and you can be one of the informed few who know what a rager this is.

Tags: 10s d-beat noisy raw