Neuroot: Right is Might 12"

Havoc Records


After many bygone years, here is the mythical unreleased material from Dutch HC band Neuroot. This material was originally meant to be on a split LP with Fratricide on Pusmort Records, but that record famously never got past the test pressing stage, making it one of the rarest HC records out there. While Schizophrenic reissued the Fratricide material a few years ago, this is the first time the Neuroot stuff has come out. Why is beyond me, as this is some of the most raging 80s Dutch HC I've heard, right up there with greats like Agent Orange. Havoc has put together quite a nice packaging job too, including a gatefold jacket and an awesome, very 80s-looking layout. A total ripper. Havoc Records

Tags: 80s Europe reissues USHC