Nervous Trend: Shattered b/w Decency 7"

Residue Records

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Perth, Australia’s NERVOUS TREND releases their first 7″ EP as a split release with RESIDUE, SCHWARMA (USA),and BLACK WIRE RECORDS (Australia). These two songs combine a hypnotic melody and heartbeat rhythm that will not leave you alone. Dark, haunting music with empowering lyrics that feel and move through each song. This band breaks the current mold of punk and post-punk by blending both so damn perfect. In this day and age, this record needs to be listened to… and often.

Our take: New single from this Australian band whose American vocalist you may recognize from bands like Nuclear Family and Permaculture. While Jen's vocals are incredibly distinctive, no one could accuse her of musical complacency; Nervous Trend's chorus-drenched post-punk sound is very different from Nuclear Family's anthemic hardcore and Permaculture's blisteringly confrontational anarcho-punk. Musically, this is very good, catchy post-punk / death rock that I think you could respectably put next to genre stalwarts like Anasazi, but it really is elevated by Jen's vocals. She is a great singer, not just because of her powerful, baritone timbre (which isn't too different from, say, the singer from Pleasure Leftists at first listen), but in how expressive she is, and how she's consistently able to find unique and unexpected rhythms that add depth and subtlety to the music. Most singers who can actually carry a tune focus on melody at the expense of rhythm, but I'd argue that punk, as a genre, is more about subtle intertwining rhythms than melodies, and this band gets that without doing any disservice to the melodic aspects of their music. In other words, this is complex, deep, and powerful, and well worth your time.
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