Nervous Trend: S/T 12"

1859 Records


This record from Australia's Nervous Trend starts off with a bit of chorus'd out guitar and a heavy tom beat, so you know right away what you're getting into, and indeed this fits pretty comfortably in the neo-post-punk genre. However, as I've said many a time before, the downfall of most modern post-punk groups is their lack of a great vocalist, but this is one area where Nervous Trend shines. Their singer is Jen (not sure of her last name) who formerly lent her vocals to Nuclear Family and Permaculture (one of the most underrated records in recent memory, IMHO), and she has a powerful, brassy bellow that sounds something like Siouxsie mixed with early (i.e. pre-Sugarcubes) Bjork. It's really the perfect voice for this sound, and more than any other band I can think of Nervous Trend really conjure the spirit of the great Siouxsie records like Juju and Tinderbox. I know this post-punk thing is in danger of being run into the ground, but this is one of the ones you want. Recommended for fans of Pleasure Leftists, Savages, and Siouxsie.

Tags: 10s australia/nz female-fronted melodic post-punk