Nervous Talk: S/T 12"

Hosehead Records


Long awaited debut LP from Vancouver's Nervous Talk. Follow up to their three-song 7" on Mammoth Cave Records in 2013. 10 songs of late 70s/early 80s punk goodness. Comes with a free download code.

Our take: There are few things I love in this world more than a pop song with balls (pardon the insensitive language), but the line between what I like and what leaves me cold is sometimes razor thin. Leatherface? Yes. Hot Water Music? No. Later Government Issue? Oh yeah. Jawbox? Eh. Screeching Weasel? Yes, at least until the late 90s. The Queers? With only a few exceptions, no. Well, Nervous Talk manage to land firmly in the yes column. This one starts strong with "Different Person," a beefy pop number that sounds like it was yanked straight from a pile of songs mistakenly left off of Pegboy's Strong Reaction. From there the hooks remain strong and the guitars remain beefy, hitting on a pop-infused punk sound that reminds me alternately of Pegboy, the Canadian Subhumans, the Undertones (without the 50s vibes), and the Members. It's not self-consciously retro, but it does remind me of why '77 punk is pretty much my favorite era/genre of music ever. Highly recommended for fans of the aforementioned bands.
Tags: '77&KBD 10s canada garage melodic recommended