Nerv: Life? 7"

SMRT Records


Debut 7" from this Iowa band on Sweden's SMRT Records. I carried their demo in the distro a while back and raved about it here, and this 7" is even better. At its core this is fast, catchy, but slightly askew US hardcore in the midwest tradition... you just can't this band without your mind immediately racing to make comparisons to Die Kreuzen, Mecht Mensch, Everything Falls Apart-era Husker Du and similarly ambitious and well-crafted hardcore punk. I also hear a little bit of Void in their sound (particularly in the vocals and the occasionally shambolic playing), and fans of Dark Ages' early stuff will also be STOKED on this. Just an absolute, certified, 100% USHC ripper... this is my kind of record. SMRT Records

Tags: 10s USA USHC