Nekromantiker: S/T 12"

SPHC Records

$5.00 $10.00

For the past few years, SPHC has been releasing some of the most relentless, abstract, formless music that could reasonably fit under the punk umbrella... bands like Sete Star Sept and Chaos Destroy manage to inhabit this space that's just on the edge of being "not punk" because it's so loose and so noisy, but it's still just within that boundary. Thus, this debut LP from Nekromantiker almost sounds like easy listening in comparison. Still, it's one of the more aggressive noise punk-type releases I've heard lately, even if it does follow the "bouncy bass / distorted-to-fuck guitar" formula that so many of these bands rely on. Nekromantiker set themselves apart by having more of an electronic texture to the noisy guitar... really, this sounds kind of like Suicide jamming with Gai or something, and the LP itself is extremely varied and interesting throughout. I'm not sure if this is by the books enough to appeal to ξyour typical butt-patched crusty, but the noise not music folks will find this to be a real fist-pumper.

Tags: 10s europe gb325 netherlands noise-punk noisy primitive yoobl