Neighborhood Brats: Recovery 12"

Deranged Records


After a string of EPs (which were collected on the No Sun, No Tan 12"), here's the debut full-length from Neighborhood Brats. As you might expect, they land on a much more consistent and coherent sound on this record, and it's a beast. Neighborhood Brats are one of those bands that kind of fall in a fertile little gap between punk and hardcore (not unlike my own band, No Love, to be honest)... the music is basically hardcore in its song structure, density, and execution, but the vocals are big and melodic but with a healthy dose of punk snot and aggression (Penelope Houston from the Avengers is a pretty apt comparison I think). It might be one of those kinds of things that's too melodic for the hardcore crowd and too "hard" for the pop-punk crowd, but it's right up my alley, and if you're into stuff like No Love, Night Birds, or Neo-Cons it's a pretty fair bet that you'll like it a lot too.

Tags: 10s female-fronted melodic punk recommended