Negative Insight: #2 w/ Chaos UK 7"



So, this is definitely one of the coolest things to come through the distro in a while. First of all, we have a two-song 7" of studio outtakes from the legendary Chaos UK. The a-side, "Maggie," was recorded during the Burning Britain 7" session, and it's no "Four Minute Warning," but it's a rad track for sure, and definitely more in line with the mega-raw UK82 sound of their legendary first two singles. The b-side, "Police Protection," was recorded during the S/T LP session, and it's more in the noise punk style that Chaos UK and Disorder pioneered... there are none of the tribal drums that are such a big part of that LP in my head, instead it's all bubbly bass and dentist-drill guitar, but with excellent songwriting and powerful choruses that many other bands in that style just couldn't touch. Now, as for the zine... while the Chaos UK 7" is definitely a treat, the zine is just incredible. It's 32 full-size pages, printed on glossy paper, and even has a huge Chaos UK poster insert. The content is also top-notch... you get interviews with two different members of Chaos UK, one member of Disorder, and the founder of Riot City Records. The content of those interviews is extremely detailed, asking all of the super-nerdy questions that you want to know the answers to but won't get covered in the typical documentary or book that isn't so narrowly focused. All in all an absolutely killer package, and if you're into old Bristol punk and Chaos UK in particular a completely mandatory purchase.

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