Necros: Ambionic Sound 7" (color vinyl)

Alonas Dream Records


Official reissue of the very first Necros demo tape from 1980. Surprisingly, these tracks strike me as a little bit less primitive than their classic first EP, Sex Drive. The playing is a little tighter, but that's probably because the tracks are a bit slower, clearly indebted to the first generation of UK punk bands. A reissue of a demo tape from this time period (and one created by very young teenagers at that) seems like it would be a historical curiosity, but I'm digging this pretty hard, and whether you're interested in the origins of USHC or if you just want to hear some dead-simple but catchy punk rock more or less in the Riot City style this is well worth your time. Alona's Dream Records

Tags: 80s reissues USA USHC