Natural Causes: S/T 12"

Snot Releases


3rd release on North Carolina's Snot Releases label, and they continue their hot streak with the debut vinyl from Natural Causes, a new synth-y punk band from Carrboro, North Carolina featuring members of Flesh Wounds, Paint Fumes, Last Year's Men, and many others. While all of these guys' bands fall broadly under the garage-punk banner, Natural Causes are a little bit different thanks to their synth-guitar-drums setup, but they carry over the sharp, memorable songwriting of the aforementioned groups. The first time I saw these guys live it was pretty clear that they had a big hard-on for the Ausmuteants (in fact, I think they might have formed specifically to play with the Ausmuteants in Durham?), but it's hardly a tribute act. Natural Causes are much more of a pop band at heart; they aren't so jittery and frantic as Ausmuteants, and the synth doesn't always carry the song's main melody... the catchiest song on the record, "Poppers," has an absolutely gripping guitar line that makes the song. Like the other Snot Releases records, this one has some cool DIY packaging with screen printed jackets, hand-stamped labels and nice-looking mixed color vinyl that's pretty much different for every record. Definitely a recommended release if you're into the kind of stuff released on labels like Total Punk, In the Red, or Goner.
Tags: 10s garage north carolina recommended synth-punk