Naughty Girls / Thee Nodes: Split 7"

Abscess Records


I can't believe this is the first time I've managed to get any records from Thee Nodes in the store... back when I drove Stab on tour in the summer of 2013 our journey crossed paths with Thee Nodes several times and they were definitely one of the best bands I saw that summer, playing a quirky brand of hardcore-inflected new wave with the utterly memorable frontman stylings of Mr. Node. They give us two songs here and they kind of play down the new wave influence in favor of some super noisy, trebly guitar... the hooks are still there, though, and if you dig outsider punk like Black Randy or early Devo these tracks are well worth your time. As for Naughty Girls, they deliver three tracks in a similar trebly garage vein, but rather than Thee Nodes new wave dealings Naughty Girls are a little more on the hardcore side. The vocals are super snotty, however, kind of reminding me of Chronic Sick and making this a little catchier than it would be otherwise.
Tags: canada garage punk