Nasty Facts: Drive My Car 7"

euro import


Yet another excellent fanclub edition of a classic KBD single. This is the lone release from this Brooklyn band and, let me say, it's one of my favorite punk singles ever. "Drive My Car" is one of the best American punk songs ever recorded. For those keeping score of this sort of thing (I certainly do), it's notable that their singer/bassist was a Black woman. Well, now you can get it for a reasonable price! And, not unlike the recent Suicide Squad 7", this fanclub edition sounds FANTASTIC.

Our take: So, I'm guessing this lone single from New York's Nasty Facts, originally released back in 1981, is probably a "love it or hate it" thing. I mean, it's sooooo poppy. Like really, almost saccharinely poppy, but at the same time it still has so much punk grit and energy that it's an all but irresistible single. I think the first time I heard of this band was when the great, underrated Beat Beat Beat covered "Get to You" on their lone LP. Often when you take the trouble to track down a vintage power pop banger your only reward is a dodgy b-side (or, in some cases, a dodgy a-side, since a lot of bands clearly had no idea what their best song was), but this Nasty Facts single is is comprised of no less than three razor-shop punk-pop blasts that can't be beat. If you're a fan of the Rezillos, the Undertones, the Pointed Sticks and late 70s / early 80s punk-pop of a similar ilk then you know you need these songs on vinyl, and thankfully this carefully-put-together repro is a worthy alternative to dropping a couple hundred on an original.
Tags: '77&KBD 80s female-fronted melodic power-pop punk recommended reissues