Nasa Space Universe: The Stars My Destination 12"



If you only owned one Nasa Space Universe record this should probably be it. The a-side here is a new 6-song EP while the b-side contains the band's Ice 12" EP from last year that was limited to something like 300 copies and only available from the band on tour. Nasa Space Universe are one of those rare bands that actually sounds better the better production they get, as nice clear production really allows the quirkiness of their songwriting to shine through, and to date these are the best two production jobs the band has gotten. This record also contains "Peeping Toddler," my favorite NSU song. If you haven't heard these guys before, they play really spastic hardcore that gets compared to Die Kreuzen a lot (because of the quirky, intricate rhythms I guess?) but I hear a lot of other stuff in their sound too like Skull Kontrol, Drive Like Jehu, and other similarly warped, unique, and intricate hardcore punk. They're definitely one of the best bands going today, and like I said this is the record to get.

Tags: 10s hardcore recommended ushc