Nasa Space Universe: 70 AD 12"

Feel It Records


Santa Ana, CA's NASA Space Universe have spent the last decade or so careening wildly through space, both inner and outer, to bring us undeserving scumfucks the most intense, unorthodox hardcore this side of the solar system. Alas, the mighty starship NSU has gone the way of the Challenger Space Shuttle, exploding gloriously upon this, their final launch. What remains, culled from the wreckage, are the ten songs that make up 70 AD, their final EP. Ten scorched, sweat-drenched paeans to paranoia, bad trips, and brute force, an unholy amalgamation of all the disparate strands of punk/hardcore that you dig (be it Japanese/Swedish hardcore, early SST, later SST when everyone was smoking dope and listening to Deep Purple, fringe shit like No Trend, you name it) filtered through the manic mindsets of four literate, completely reprehensible dudes who could give a fuck what you dig. 70 AD eschews the studio sheen of some of their past releases for what could serve as a perfect encapsulation of the NSU live experience, minus the potential for missing teeth and bloodied beaks. Essential listening that serves as both a fitting send off and a stern rebuke to those who slept on this mighty, mighty band of reprobates.

Our take: Final 12" from this great California hardcore band. I've been super into these guys since they released their first 7", and I'm sad to see them go as they created some of the most consistently innovative and interesting hardcore of our era. On this new 12" they're still very much the same band, but the production is a little bit different. I absolutely loved their previous two self-released 12"s, which placed the drums right up at the very front of the mix. The insane drumming has always, for me, been the strongest aspect of a band that has many strengths. The dude sort of sounds like a malfunctioning drum machine... his drumming is incredibly precise, but he just seems to have a different sense of rhythm to the point where it seems like a little bit is either shaved off or added to the end of every bar. That effect is still very much here, but it's not the central focus of the mix, which places a lot more emphasis on the guitar and vocals. Really, it's more of your standard DIY hardcore-style production job with guitar and vocals (rather than drums and vocals) right up front. I mean, it's hard to complain about that because the riffing here is pretty maniacal and the lyrics and vocals are top-notch as always, but if you listened to those previous records as much as I did it might take a minute for your ears to adjust. Once they do, however, you're in for a treat... no other band plays such perfectly cracked, left-of-center hardcore. Still for fans of Die Kreuzen, Saccharine Trust, Spike in Vain, and the like. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s california hardcore punk recommended yoobl