Narcoleptics: Second EP 7"

Warthog Speak Records


The second EP from New York's NARCOLEPTICS takes the fury of the first one and goes harder, heavier, and harsher. Scandi/Japanese style noisy D-beat HC.

Our take: Follow-up EP from this New-York-by-way-of-Chicago band, and it's definitely not a disappointment. Which is not to say that it's a repeat performance of their killer first EP. On this record they sound a lot more metallic to my ears, arriving at this weird, tinny metal-influenced sound that reminds me of a whole lot of different things... Short, Sharp Shock-era Chaos UK, Phonophobia-era Extreme Noise Terror, Zyanose... basically, it has that buzzy, Rat pedal-type guitar sound paired with fast, one-two drums (which makes me think of the Chaos UK / Disorder sound) but they also have a lot of herky-jerky song structures that make me think of ENT or maybe even From Enslavement to Oblivionation-era Napalm Death (though they don't do blast beats). Another thing that separates Narcoleptics from the pack is the fact that all three members contribute vocals, which adds this extra layer of dynamics that most bands don't have. It gives the songs a sense of three-dimensionality and movement that is tough to match even for a seasoned single vocalist. Basically, Narcoleptics remain one of the most unique and interesting hardcore bands in the US, so get on it.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore recommended