Narcoleptics: S/T 7"

Warthog Speak Records


Tear-ass debut vinyl from this hardcore band that was born in Chicago but, as I understand it, has since migrated to New York. We carried their demo and raved about it then, but the 7" smokes that recording. Narcoleptics have a pretty interesting sound that definitely sets them apart from the crowd. While it's really raw and nasty and has kind of an Anti-Cimex-type edge to the recording, I wouldn't really call them a d-beat band. The guitars are really dense and noisy, but I wouldn't call them a noise rock-y band either, and while the tempos are pretty much consistently in the "raging" zone, they don't really sound anything like traditional USHC either. Their spiritual kin seem to be raging, balls-to-the-wall hardcore bands that resist easy classification... I'm thinking of bands like Gas Rag, Gag, and the like. Any way you slice it, this is a completely raging, out of control hardcore EP, and if you like that type of thing you should definitely snatch it up. Now I'm going to stop writing this description before I use the word "raging" again.

Tags: 10s chicago hardcore midwest new york recommended