Narcoestado: S/T 7" (new)

Going Underground Records


Narcoestado is a punk band from Mexico City playing dark Melodic Punk / Oi! in a unique style and fashion. Blending some of the best influences from the Uk and Spain Punk scene of the 80's and bringing back into vogue today. "No disco beat, no pretension, no pseudo darkness, just power chords, real lyrics and proper punk drumming. Narcoestado is by punks for punks and from the 3rd world, a disappointmenting, anger inducing and frustrating world. These losers play in bands like Tercer Mundo, Muerte, Mujercitos, Ratas del Vaticano, etc. All good rock and roll bands from Mexico Df." Vinyl issue of there quickly sold out demo tape.

Our take: We carried the demo tape from Mexico's Narcoestado a few months back, and I guess that Ron from Going Underground must have heard it and liked it so much that he thought it needed to be committed to vinyl. I can't say I disagree, as this is some top-shelf traditional melodic oi!. As I mentioned when I wrote a description of the tape, this is very much in the vein of what Rixe are doing, but with some additional influences from darker punk sounds... this has a more brooding, ominous feel than most any oi! I've heard of, and in that way it also recalls some of the gloomy yet still upbeat punk music coming from Denmark about ten years ago (like No Hope for the Kids, for instance, but much rawer). At any rate, if you want to hear five good punk tunes, this 7" has them in spades. Recommended.
Tags: 10s melodic mexico oi! raw recommended spanish-language yoobl