Narcoestado: demo cassette

Calaveras Records


Narcoestado (narco government in english) is a band from Mexico City. One of the best places in the world, with the funniest people I have met in my life and a brutal/violent state of society perpetrated by the government, the cartels and the north american way of life. As soon as I heard Narcoestado’s demo I was captivated by their awesome mix of melancholic (French?) Oi! and dark punk. This kind of punk is catchy as fuck, but also full of anger in a way that not many bands do these days. Sing along lyrics about injustice, love and freedom blended with super simple riffs and a dark kick. If you are like me, bored as fuck with the post punk “revival” (more like death sentence, these modern musical criminals/bands have been perpetuating for the last several years in the DIY punk scene) you will love this tape. No disco beat, no pretension, no pseudo darkness, just power chords, real lyrics and proper punk drumming. Narcoestado is by punks for punks and from the 3rd world, a disappointmenting, anger inducing and frustrating world. These losers play in bands like Tercer Mundo, Muerte, Mujercitos, Ratas del Vaticano, etc. All good rock and roll bands from Mexico Df. But dont buy the tape for who is in it, buy this tape for what it is, a compilation of good songs made by meaningful and important punks.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band out of Mexico City featuring a bunch of familiar faces. Rafael from CV pretty much nails it in his description when he calls this a mix of melancholic oi! and dark punk; what Rafael doesn't mention (perhaps out of modesty) is that Narcoestado are mining a very similar set of influences to his own (extremely well-regarded) band, Pura Mania. By no means are they a soundalike, though; Narcoestado don't have as much sophisticated interplay between the guitar and bass, and the oi! (particularly French oi!) is much more at the forefront, making this sound in places like a slightly more melodic version of that Rixe 7" that everyone has been talking about for the past few months. If you're itching for more of that sound I'd highly encourage you to check this out... Narcoestado seem like they're probably the next Mexican band that's going to be a big deal, and you all remember what happened when you didn't jump on that Tercer Mundo LP!

Tags: 10s latin america melodic mexico oi! post-punk raw recommended spanish-language