Napred U Proslost: Kumonizam 7"

No Plan Records


5-song 7" from this Yugoslavian band, featuring tracks recorded in 1985. I'm not sure if it's just that these songs were recorded at different sessions or what, but they really run the gamut of 80s punk styles. The first song is a fast-and-furious pogo-punk number (and my favorite of the bunch) that recalls bands like Appendix or Asta Kask, while other tracks integrate some post-punk sounds into the mix, and the b-side is even a big, riffy punk number a la Naked Raygun or maybe even the Dickies (but way rawer and nastier than either of those). It's almost like listening to a compilation rather than one band's EP, but I have to say I like all of the different styles, and they're all sufficiently raw and distinctive that it all holds together. I can't help but be reminded of other Eastern European punk bands like Dezerter that explored numerous styles and influences while always sounding punk. Definitely one for the punk scholars, but if you're into behind the Iron Curtain punk this is well worth hearing.

Tags: 80s europe hardcore post-punk punk yugoslavia