Naked Gods: S/T 12"


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These songs began as half formed stories about tour, brotherhood, summertime, foxes in the wild, the vultures only child, and times both real and imagined. These jams are the sum of nearly two years of hard work, but also another two years of friendship, growth, laughs, cold beers, and hitting stuff with golf clubs in Chris’ back yard.

Our take: Latest, highly limited album from this band out of the sleepy little hamlet of Boone, North Carolina. This is definitely way more of an indie rock affair than we are used to paying much attention to at Sorry State, but since this is North Carolinian and I have more than a small affinity for off-the-wall, small-town independent rock music I thought I would give this a listen. I must say it's a good one. It does have a certain sweetness (particularly in the vocal harmonies) that isn't a huge part of my general listening diet, but like the bands on the underrated Ghost Orchard Records, this one has just enough left-of-center charm to keep me interested. Most indie rock sounds way too cold and clinical to me... it makes me feel like I'm at the mall, but this has a warmth and a realness that stands up. I'm far from an expert on the genre, but I like this.
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