Nailhouse: S/T 7" (new)

Hope Followed By Despair Records

$6.75 $7.50

Gnarly noise rock / hardcore from this Australian band.

Our take: 3-song 7" from this Australian band who play... well, I don't know if there's a name for precisely the genre they play, but they remind me a lot of a current crop of American bands that seem equally informed by 90s grunge, noise rock, and maybe certain strands of post-punk music like the Birthday Party, but are also connected to the aesthetic of current DIY hardcore. I'm thinking of bands like Milk Music, the Ukiah Drag, Destruction Unit, Merchandise before they signed to 4AD, etc. Like those bands, Nailhouse like to swing dynamically between quiet, spacious parts and dense, noisy parts. While their rhythms can occasionally try the patience of one who subsists on a musical diet of ADD-addled hardcore, there's a lot of really interesting interplay between the bass and the two guitarists, one of whom who likes to use the whammy bar (and maybe a tremolo effect?) to make these big sheets of My Bloody Valentine-esque noise. Released in a hand-numbered edition of 300, this isn't bound to make it into a lot of people's hands, so if you like the aforementioned bands and you're intrigued you'd be well-advised to pick this up soon.
Tags: 10s australia hardcore noise rock yoobl