Nailbiter: The Bait 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


After a lengthy hiatus, here's the latest material from this long-running European crust band. Nailbiter were one of the few bands carrying the Cimex torch throughout the 90s, back when crusties used to mix grind and all kinds of other disparate genres into their anarchic noise... Nailbiter stood out then with their full embrace of the fully-realized Anti-Cimex sound (i.e. their 12"s more so than their 7"s), and their releases on labels like Hardcore Holocaust are still well-regarded. As for this new one, it's right in that same pocket... if you dig Absolut Country of Sweden or classic Burning Spirits-styled Japanese HC you'll rock this hard. La Vida Es Un Mus Records

Tags: 10s D-beat Europe