Nabat: Un Altro giorno Di Gloria 12"

KO! Records


Yes! KO records is proud to announce our third release, the long awaited reissue of the most legendary Italian Oi! record ever: “Un Altro Giorno di Gloria”, the masterpiece Lp from Bologna legends, Nabat! The ten tracks from “Un Altro Giorno di Gloria”made clear Nabat´s evolution from their raw, hardcore-like early sound to a more mature and complex sound, but as powerful and angst-ridden as always. NABAT´s musical likings, from punk to ska and reggae, but also blues, SLADE or Rose Tattoo show their influence, from the glam of “P.A.A” to the reggae of “Martó”. Although most of the tracks stuck to good old street rock´n´roll: “Tempi Nuovi”, with his sNabat Fanzine y Lptadium-like chorus, “Ti sei fermato ad ascolatare mai” or the song that gave name to the album, where they spit-out, full of rage, the miseries of a dead-end life: “another day of glory, another day of shit!” And if someone was not sure about NABAT´s stance, a skinhead band stance, they made it clear with their dedications: Nelson Mandela, still in prison by the Apartheid and Benjamin Moloise, a poet from Soweto killed by South African racist regime (and also to Martó, aka Giancarlo Martelli from seminal bolognese band JUDAS). In the lyrics of Un Altro Giorno di Gloria NABAT painted the picture of 80´s working class Italy, their problems (“Lopez”, against the fucking heroine) and their hopes. The Lp mantains the original artwork and track list, but include as well a bonus track recorded on the same recording session, the song “Grido di libertà!”. It also includes a 28-pages fanzine with the band’s history, and a wealth of old fanzine articles, paper cuttings and pictures of the band and mates. A piece of history! 11 tracks!
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