Mystic Inane: The EPs of MI cassette



Our take: Discography-so-far cassette from one of my absolute favorite current punk bands. This cassette contains each of the band's three 3-song EPs in full, pro-duplicated and imprinted with a nice-looking (risograph-printed? j-card). So, while there isn't really anything extra here to draw in someone who already owns the vinyl, I think I'm going to keep one of these for myself, partly because it's cool-looking, partly because I'll occasionally listen to this rather than flipping 7"s every couple of minutes, and partly because I just love Mystic Inane so much that I feel the need to be a nerdy completist about them. If somehow you have missed out on any part of their vinyl discography this is essential listening... without a doubt one of the most vital and exciting hardcore punk bands going today.
Tags: 10s punk recommended ushc