Mystic Inane: Ode to Joy 7"

Negative Jazz


2nd single from this New Orleans punk band, and it only furthers their status as one of the most exciting punk bands in the world today. After listening to this new EP the first couple of times I was tempted to say that it's much more straightforward than their other releases; after a few more listens I realize that the musicianship is just as interesting as it's always been, but there are fewer stops, starts, and jittery changes in tempo in these three songs than there have been on the band's previous releases. That's by no means a bad thing, though... Mystic Inane are one of those bands that might wow you from a technical standpoint, but at the end of the day they just write brilliant songs that happen to be a little left of center, sort of like early Minutemen or Wire. These songs still have that quality--particularly in the way the guitar and bass play off of one another--but the slightly more uniform rhythms make these feel like more traditional, even almost anthemic, punk songs. As always, though, I can't think of anyone who Mystic Inane sound precisely like, but if you're into really unique-sounding hardcore bands like Saccharine Trust, Spike in Vain, Nog Watt, No Trend... I could go on for quite a while here, but the point is that Mystic Inane are great and if you like your hardcore punk smart and just a little bit weird you should be buying everything they put out. Oh, and KILLER artwork / packaging on this one too!
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended